Standard Maintenance Package

DRE Standard Maintenance Package

The Standard Maintenance contract is the lowest priced package that Dream Ride Elevator offers. Services provided under our standard maintenance package consist of the following:

·         A once monthly service visit from one of our Certified Technicians.

·         Comprehensive and routine examination, lubrication and adjustments of the elevator machinery.

·         Our Technician will check the operation of the power unit, electrical controls, door operator, guiding system and safety devices.

·         Excluded from this agreement are the following items: Swing type hoistway doors and their equipment, Repairs of any type, including parts and labor, Hidden components such as, but not limited to, wiring in raceway or conduit, underground pipes and tubing.

·         If a problem is identified during the service visit, the technician will notify the DRE Office and Owner and suggest corrective actions. Corrective action will be taken upon approval by the Owner.

·         Emergency call back service and repair are available at all times and will be provided upon request. This is invoiced at our hourly billing rates.

·         Customers are invoiced following our monthly service visit. If because of unforeseen circumstances we can’t make the monthly service visit the Customer will not be billed.