Full Maintenance Package

DRE Full Maintenance Package

The Full Maintenance contract is our preventative maintenance package. Service provided under our full maintenance package consists of the following:

·         A service visit (not less than once monthly) from one of our Certified Technicians.

·         Our Technician will systematically examine, adjust, clean, lubricate, and when conditions warrant, repair or replace the following parts up to: motor, controller and listed parts which include: for Hydraulic Elevators; hydraulic pumps, hydraulic fluid, packing glands, motor, valves, drive pulleys For Traction Elevators; contracts, coils, v-belts, guide shoes, roller guides, control relays, travel cables, circuit boards, door protective devices, door rollers, locking and guiding devices.

·         Excluded from this agreement are the following items: Underground cylinder, pipe and tubing, hidden components such as, but not limited to, wiring in raceways or conduit, state required testing or repairs found necessary when tested or because of code changes, hydraulic load tests, annual fire tests with life safety contractor, elevator components installed under an experimental or permanent variance, proprietary controls, buttons, programming and information, obsolete elevator components, batteries, phones and phone lines, intercom systems or security card readers, cab ceiling lighting systems and replacement bulbs, swing type hoistway doors and their equipment, after hours service calls (5:01 PM – 7:59 AM).

·         If a problem is identified during the service visit, the technician will notify the DRE Office and Owner and suggest corrective action. Corrective action will be taken upon approval by the Owner.

·         Emergency call back service and repair are available at all times and will be provided upon request, call back service and repairs made during normal working hours on normal working days (8 :00 AM – 5:00 PM M-F) are provided. After hours call back service and repairs will be invoiced at our hourly billing rates.