About Us

DRE LogoLet Dream Ride Elevator change your service nightmare into a sweet dream!

DRE is a full service elevator company involved in manufacturing, construction, modernization, service and repair of elevators. DRE was formed by a team of talented and experienced elevator experts that have been manufacturing, installing and maintaining elevators in Northern California since 1983. Our management team is committed to providing a level of service and workmanship that will give facility managers and building owners peace of mind.

With our corporate office and manufacturing facility located in Benicia, California, DRE is well positioned to provide fast, professional service to the San Francisco-Bay Area, San Jose and Silicon Valley, Sacramento and Central Valley, Marin County, Solano and Napa County. With our 13,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Benicia, California, we are in a unique position to respond to any special requirements in support of our service/repair, construction and modernization crews.

We manufacture elevator car frames, cabs, fire labeled elevator doors, jambs, entrances, hydraulic submersible and dry pump units and miscellaneous steel components. Our manufacturing process allows us to provide fast professional service to all of our clients.

Our Philosophy

We believe safe and dependable operation of elevators is an essential necessity of every multi-story building.

We believe Building and Facility Managers expect their service company to provide knowledgeable, timely and cost effective service.

We believe the Owner of the Building should have access to all prints and manuals that will allow them to choose a service company that provides the best service. The manufacturer and the installer of the elevator must ensure that the Owner’s rights are protected.

We believe responses to emergencies and entrapments must be immediate and 24/7.

Our Team

Dream Ride Elevator’s team consists of strong mangers, field experts, as well as professionals in different areas of our business. Our managers are among the most knowledgeable in the industry. Our elevator mechanics are among the best trained in the field of elevator installation and service. All of our mechanics are members of the International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 8.  Collectively they have extensive experience in elevator installation, maintenance and repair of all types of elevators, from older brands such as Westinghouse, Dover, US, Montgomery and Reliable, to existing brands such as Otis, Thyssen and Schindler.

Ivan Werblow

Ivan is a co-founder of Dream Ride Elevator. Ivan has 21 years of experience as a certified elevator mechanic in Northern California. Ivan has extensive experience with installation, repair and maintenance of all types of elevators. Ivan was previously employed by Lodestar and Otis Elevator before he began Dream Ride Elevator. He is presently the President of Field Operations.

Paul Werblow

Paul is a co-founder of Dream Ride Elevator. Since 1973 Paul has been involved in construction, service, repair and maintenance of elevators, as well as being a certified elevator mechanic. In 1983 Paul started Lodestar Elevator Company. Lodestar Elevator was engaged in the manufacturing, installation, repair and maintenance of elevators. He also founded, Elevator Cab and Door Company which was primarily involved in manufacturing specialized and customized elevator doors and cab interiors. Paul is a QEI certified elevator inspector, and served as an Elevator State Inspector for the State of California from 2005 to 2007. Paul is presently the Vice President of Operations.

Kurt Nelson

Kurt has over 29 years of experience as a certified elevator mechanic working in Northern California. Kurt was previously employed by Diablo Elevator, Amtech Elevator and Otis Elevator before he joined Dream Ride Elevator. He is presently Vice President of Construction at Dream Ride.


Contractor’s C-11 License Number: 496291

State of California Certified Qualified Conveyance Company (CQCC): CC-07-012839

State of California Small Business Reference Number: 31539

Mr. Paul Werblow is a current holder of a Qualified Elevator Inspector “QEI” License issued by NAESA

Industry Membership:

Dream Ride Elevator is a member of The National Association of Elevator Contractors

Dream Ride Elevator is signatory to the International Unit of Elevator Contractors Union Local 8