DRE Modified Maintenance Package

DRE Modified Maintenance Package

Dream Ride Elevator can customize a maintenance package to meet the needs of the Owner and take into consideration the existing building conditions that require special services. Following are some options that DRE is able to include in our maintenance package:

·         Replacement parts covered under the contract are negotiable

·         Response time limits

·         Maintenance frequency can be changed based on elevator usage

·         Payment discount if the annual maintenance cost is paid in advance

·         The cost of pre-maintenance repairs can be built into the contract and payments can be spread across the contract. If there are any preexisting issues that need to be corrected, these items can be discussed and a maintenance and repair plan can be put in place.


Dream Ride Elevator is positioned to modernize all types of elevator equipment.   Our in-house engineering capabilities, local manufacturing plant and extensive industry experience makes us the best candidate for your modernization of single or multi group elevators.